Dancer Services

Dancer Services

Dancers are artists and athletes. They have specific requirements when it comes to their physical care and they can be  prone to certain injuries due to the demands of training and performance.

At WDC Physiotherapy we offer dance specific health services to help dancers recover from their injuries, understand their bodies better and prevent injuries occurring.

Anne Wilby is an ex-professional dancer, re-trained as a Physiotherapist, Exercise Scientist and Pilates Instructor, with a passion for dance injury prevention and management. She believes that dancers benefit for being treated by people who understand the demands of dance first hand, and she has huge respect for the dedication and the demands of the dance profession. Anne has now moved back to Australia but her legacy of our dancer injury and health services continues with our team of Senior Chartered Physiotherapists.

Dancer Services at WDC Physiotherapy include:

Dance injury assessments and treatments

Do you have a niggling pain that hasn’t settled down? Do you have a current or past injury that hasn’t regained full strength? Our initial dance assessments include a comprehensive analysis of your problem, offering hands-on treatment, exercise therapy and technical advice as required. (60 mins)

Tertiary College Physical Testing

Does your dance college that requires you to have a ‘Dance Assessment Report?’ Would you like to know more about your physical capabilities? Have you always wondered why you are more flexible on one side than the other? There are specific tests that help us find out if you are prone to injury and what can be done to help. The assessment will include advice on the findings as well as specific exercises to help you, and you will obtain a report showing the results of your testing. (60 mins)

Postural Assessment and Exercise Rehabilitation

Would you like help with your rounded shoulders or baggy knees? Would you like to improve your core strength, point your feet better or get your legs higher? It all starts with an assessment of your posture. If you’re after a dance specific home exercise program this is the service for you. (60 mins)

Personal Exercise Training

Have an Equipment Pilates program made specifically for you to suit your body conditioning needs. Our equipment includes the use of a top of the range Stott Pilates V2 Max Reformer, wobble boards and magic circles and lessons can be for 30, 45 or 60 minutes

Dance Fitness Classes

Ballet Be Fit is a dance based exercise class is perfect to improve posture, increase strength in the core and legs and will certainly increase the heart rate and get you fitter.

All routines are choreographed by classically trained dancers and consist of classical ballet moves paired with dance conditioning. This class is now led by Belinda Morris who is a classically trained dancer, dance teacher and choreographer!

All assessments are one hour long and follow up appointment times vary depending on your needs. To book an appointment with one of the physiotherapy team please call 01702 613542 and mention which service you would like to participate in.

Your private health insurance may apply to these services, so please ask the receptionist for further information.