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Working together with our specialist physiotherapists at WDC Physiotherapy, you´ll be able to find the best approach to recovering and maintaining your health and well-being.

Our therapy is based on individual therapy programmes which are arranged as you require them. The following information provides you with an overview of our treatment options.

We have a “hands-on” approach to treatment. The only way to make a change to a tissue or structure is to lay your hands on. Exercises alone or being treated with an ultrasound machine without hands on treatment will not cure the cause of your pain.

If you have not been happy with treatment you have received elsewhere and are still struggling with pain then come and see how we can get your life back. We at WDC Physiotherapy believe in getting the right result for you. We will treat the cause of your pain not just the symptoms. Treating symptoms only will give you a quick fix. A lot of people like a quick fix but in the end this results in treatment becoming more costly and causes more interruption to you living a pain free life.

Our specialist areas

PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy: get healthy again with us

Whether it’s rehabilitation following illness or an operation, or recovery from an accident: we’ll help you get back to your former self.

Get fit with us

Pilates TuitionPilates: restore the balance of your body

The Pilates movement was founded by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s in New York. The Pilates method continues to evolve and benefit thousands of people around the world today. Pilates helps correct body malaligment through strength, mobility and stretching exercises controlling the central core.

Massage TherapyMassage therapy: relaxation for your body

Massages are one of man’s oldest healing methods and can assist in recovery from a wide variety of different illnesses.

Relax, Revive and Restore with us.

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