Reformer Pilates at WDC

Reformer Pilates

Our Stott V2 Max Pilates Reformer is a fantastic piece of equipment and is a great addition to our Pilates service.

The V2 max allows us to work one to one with clients. One to one Pilates sessions are the most effective route to optimal success!

Reformer Pilates is designed to improve muscle tone, muscle strength, cardiovascular fitness and endurance, balance, coordination, flexibility, mobility and posture. We can work with children up to elderly on the reformer as it is so versatile.

We have many dancers come to the clinic to work with us on the reformer to compliment their intense weekly dance schedules. The results are there to see on the stage of the dancers that come and work with us. We have a dance specific reformer programme which was created by Anne Wilby one of our former Physiotherapists who is an ex-professional dancer.

Reformer Pilates is fantastic for general fitness as well as part of the treatment for long term injuries.  Long term injuries are best treated with a combination of Physiotherapy treatment and one to one Pilates sessions. Having this individual attention allows the Physiotherapist to fully assess your pain and devise a Rehabilitation Pilates programme best suited for your individual needs.

Want great results and lasting results? If so give us a call on 01702 613542. We have 30 minute, 45 minute and 60 minute reformer sessions available.