FIBROMYALGIA – Do You Have It Or Know Someone That Has It?

  Recently in clinic we have had a bout of current clients and new people contacting us regarding Fibromyalgia. Either they have been diagnosed with it or know someone that has and are curious to what the condition is or what the best way to deal with it is.   What Actually Is Fibromyalgia?   Continue reading

Don’t Fall For It!!

  We need to talk about falls. There are a lot of folks out there that think that falls are just an inevitable part of getting older.  After all it does cost us all £2.3 billion a year!!  It’s a big cause of hospital admissions.  But falls being inevitable is just not true. It is Continue reading

Is Surgery The Best Route For Meniscus Tears?

  So last time I talked about what a meniscus is, it’s role in the knee, the types of injuries that can occur to it and the way it can be injured. In this article I am going to give you the what to do about an injured/damaged meniscus. A highly debated topic regarding knee Continue reading

You Mean I Don’t Have To Have Had An Injury To Tear My Knee Cartilage

  Our meniscus are horse-shoe shaped cartilage structures which sit on top of our tibia (shin bone) and joined to it by a ligament called the Coronary ligament. The meniscus play a crucial role in shock absorption in the knee which helps to decrease the stress on the articular cartilage which covers the ends of Continue reading

Should I Have A Knee Replacement? …That Is The Million Dollar Question!

  As a Physiotherapist who has spent a lot of time in Orthopaedic hospitals and clinics, I have seen hundreds if not thousands of Knee Replacements. I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly and through all this experience one thing has become clear to me – if you want a successful outcome Continue reading

Stairs, Slopes And Going To The Cinema Really Hurt My Knee

  Just as I thought everyone’s knee’s were holding out gliding through the marathon training season at the start of the year with minimal knee issues walking through the door at the clinic, I’ve suddenly been hit by a spree of knee pain hassled people… I’m sure it’s contagious – stay safe! 😉 The summer Continue reading

Will I Do More Damage If I Exercise With Arthritis?

  Here’s Aaron’s latest article on Osteoarthritis, why you get pain and stiffness and what to do about it for the best… Very commonly in clinic I am presented with an arthritic joint and explaining the condition to my clients they pose the question; so should I not exercise now? Will I be making it Continue reading

Feeling At A Loss With Arthritis? To Exercise Or Not To Exercise? Surgery Or Not To Have Surgery?

  In clinic we have been hearing a lot of people confused and worried about whether they should exercise if they have arthritis. We have heard some clients mention that they rest and avoid exercise when they experience pain from arthritis. We have also worryingly heard that many clients regard arthritis as something they have no Continue reading

Have you ever been told you have slipped a disc? Myths and 5 top cures talked about discs… here!

  At WDC Physiotherapy we see a LOT of clients struggling with back pain and I mean a lot! At least 75% of our week, every week, is filled with people who have bad back. We see people with achy backs through to those in agony who literally drag themselves in to the clinic.   Continue reading

6 Top Tips Unlocked That Healthy People Use To Stay Active, Mobile and Motivated!

  It’s the end of 2018, the presents are about to be opened, turkey eaten and mulled wine is a plenty… With motivation shrinking and tummies growing, it’s that time of year when we all start thinking about how things will change in 2019.  For a lot of people this involves promises of new fitness Continue reading