Feeling At A Loss With Arthritis? To Exercise Or Not To Exercise? Surgery Or Not To Have Surgery?

  In clinic we have been hearing a lot of people confused and worried about whether they should exercise if they have arthritis. We have heard some clients mention that they rest and avoid exercise when they experience pain from arthritis. We have also worryingly heard that many clients regard arthritis as something they have no Continue reading

Have you ever been told you have slipped a disc? Myths and 5 top cures talked about discs… here!

  At WDC Physiotherapy we see a LOT of clients struggling with back pain and I mean a lot! At least 75% of our week, every week, is filled with people who have bad back. We see people with achy backs through to those in agony who literally drag themselves in to the clinic.   Continue reading

6 Top Tips Unlocked That Healthy People Use To Stay Active, Mobile and Motivated!

  It’s the end of 2018, the presents are about to be opened, turkey eaten and mulled wine is a plenty… With motivation shrinking and tummies growing, it’s that time of year when we all start thinking about how things will change in 2019.  For a lot of people this involves promises of new fitness Continue reading

Neck Pain – What You Are Doing Right Now Could Be Causing Or Aggravating It.

      If you are reading this it’s likely that you are currently struggling with neck pain, know someone who is, or you’ve had it in the past and don’t want it returning any time soon as you remember how awful it was. Most people blame sleeping funny or sitting in a draft as Continue reading

9 Top Benefits Of Getting A Regular Massage…Can You Afford Not To?

  A lot of people have a massage as a treat on holiday or a girls spa day but massage should not be considered a luxury.   Have you ever had a massage?…   …If the answer is no you will want to read on as regular massage has significant health and well-being benefits. You Continue reading

Is Driving Becoming A Pain? 5 Top Tips To Help Alleviate Back Pain Whilst Driving

  Driving is something most of us need to do, whether it to get us to and from work, you may be the family taxi, you may drive as part of your job or you may have a long drive coming up to go see family or go on holiday and are dreading it due Continue reading

Discover Top Tips To Start Easing Your Headache Today!

  We all get them from time to time but for some headaches are a regular occurrence! I’ve certainly noticed that as I am working more at a computer I get a shedload more headaches than I used to and to the point where they have woken me up at 2am. Sound like you? Well Continue reading

5 Top Tips For Flying With Less Back Pain

  Holiday season is now upon us and we are either thinking about booking a last minute get away or have had our trip of a life time booked for months or maybe you booked it last year. Your excitement is building but do you have that niggling worry in the back of your mind Continue reading

Let’s Keep Our Kids Healthy…..How Pilates Can Teach Our Kids And Grandkids Healthy Habits.

  Have you ever told your child to “sit up straight!” or “stop slouching”… well, we are all good at spotting when our children have become moulded into their chair, however is there something we could do to help prevent this becoming an ever increasing occurrence? For all the positives, society has now transformed to Continue reading

I’ve Only Pulled A Muscle Right? It Will Heal By Itself I Don’t Need To Get It Checked…..

  As I sit here writing this I am thinking back to the gymnastics of the 2018 Commonwealth games and it brought back memories to my competing gymnastics days. Now these athletes are highly skilled and top of their sport but as with any human being they are susceptible to injury.   Muscle injuries are Continue reading