9 power foods for joint health!

  We are getting asked more and more in clinic about what are the best foods to eat to help with joint pain and inflammation. The good news is research has proven that eating certain foods can reduce inflammation, strengthen bones and boost the immune system. Although this will not cure things like arthritis adding Continue reading

Are You Ready For Another Long Run? Don’t Let Over-training Lead You To Injury

  This time of year seems to be the ‘season’ for people overtraining. Whether it’s people cramming the miles in for the marathon they signed up for or working tirelessly on their summer bodies. Over-training is where the load placed on the body exceeds the rate at which the body can repair itself and it’s Continue reading

Think Pilates Is Just For “Ladies That Lunch”. Think Again!… Everyone Should Be Doing Pilates In Their 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s And Beyond And Here’s Why….

    We all know as we get older we get stiffer and things that used to be easy to do takes more effort and the problem is this will only get worse if we don’t do anything to prevent it.   So many of us nowadays spend a lot of our time sitting – Continue reading

5 Best Forms Of Exercise To Do If You Are Age 40+

  Aging is something we cannot get away from. When we are in our teens, 20s and even 30s we don’t give a second thought about how we move and what we eat as we are able to get away with so many little sins. Our amazing human bodies are able to deal with a Continue reading

Is Changing Your Running Shoes Really The Answer To Help Ease Your Pain When Running?

  Picking a new pair of running shoes can be very exciting, the shoes you envisage yourself completing that marathon in record time in, a recommendation from a friend that you’re keen to try out, an upgrade from your starter pair now you’re starting to take running more seriously or if you’re a seasoned runner Continue reading

What Will You Gain This Valentine’s Day? 5 Ideas To Try For A Healthy And Fun Valentine’s Day.

  Valentine’s day is fast approaching…..6 days to be exact. If you fancy a change from the usual chocolates and flowers then this article is for you. Want to have some fun with your partner? Fancy trying something different that makes you feel alive and have a giggle? Want to impress them by them knowing Continue reading

Was Weight Loss Your New Year’s Resolution? What You Need To Know About How To Lose Weight Effectively And Keep It Off!

  Weight loss! Always a hot topic and often a New Year’s goal! Dan my clinic manager has told me this has been the go to conversation in clinic for lots of our lovely clients over the past week or two since all the Christmas festivities.   We see lots of people in clinic with Continue reading

5 Quick Fixes You Can Do Daily To Help Ease Stiffness

  Not sure about you but as I am getting older my body certainly feels different to what it did in my teens, 20s and even 30s. I used to spring out of bed in the morning with not a care in the world and my body would work as I expected it to, no Continue reading