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Specialist Online Physio – How It Can Help You

If you are reading this you have decided you need help with a pain condition, injury or you have had orthopaedic surgery and you are serious about staying active, mobile and independent when you can’t physically get in to see us at clinic.

Looking for and making the decision to get help that’s online via video consultation is a big decision and a huge step forward for most people. A lot of people go the traditional route and see a physiotherapist in person in clinic and do not even realise there is an alternative way to access the specialist knowledge and skills of a physiotherapist.

This page is dedicated to giving you answers to questions you may have about how a physiotherapist can help you with an online physiotherapy consultation and whether specialist online physiotherapy is right for you.

“Look Who Else Came For Specialist Online Treatment At WDC Physiotherapy And Now Feel More ACTIVE, HEALTHY And HAPPY…”

Most people think that physios just work in person in clinic but this is not only what we do and I am about to show you why and how we help people via online video consultations and treatments. We help people with online physiotherapy struggling with various aches and pain conditions and recovery after any orthopaedic surgery (total knee replacement, total hip replacement, shoulder decompression to name a few).

So you are now sitting there thinking what’s the difference between in-person physiotherapy treatment and online physiotherapy? The online physio can’t be as good can it? Right?…..Wrong!

Unfortunately a lot of people have had a not such a great experience with physio in general whether it be in a private clinic or on the NHS and this ends up tarring us all with the same brush, with people thinking that physio doesn’t work. The reason most people come away from physiotherapy as a treatment option is that a lot of physios just don’t spend the time needed to give you the treatment and care you need and deserve.

At WDC physiotherapy we would like to distance ourselves from physio like this as our treatment is at the opposite end of the spectrum to this. We have the time to listen to you and what is concerning you and get to know you as a person and get to know your situation, meaning we can fully assess and diagnose what is going on and how it’s really affecting your life. We have time to sit with you and fully explain what is causing your pain and how we can help ease it and get you back to the active life you long for.

We’ve been helping people like you for over 15 years now and our solutions are totally natural meaning we will help you side step the need for harmful medication, wearing supports and needing to see your GP, which at times can be frustrating at times as some GPs don’t seem to know what to do for the best for you as they are not expertly trained in muscle and joint conditions like specialist physios are.

All of the physiotherapist and sports therapists here at WDC are expertly trained and specialise in helping people like you. During our online video consultations we all use in depth history taking and specialist questions which means we can tell if a knee cartilage has torn, if a disc is bulging and pressing on a sciatic nerve or if a muscle has torn (to name just a few things) and we can tell this just after finishing the questioning and history taking part of our assessment. This is done in exactly the same whether you are in clinic or online in a video consultation with us.

During the next part of the assessment which is where we assess your posture this is exactly the same during an online physiotherapy consultation as it is in clinic. We are experts in observing when a body is in optimal alignment, we can tell just by looking at you if a joint is not happy or if a muscle is working too hard.

The same goes for movement testing, when we assess a client’s movements in clinic we do a lot of this by observation as we need to see how a body part and the body as a whole are moving. By doing this we can tell if muscles are working as they should be and if a joint is moving in the right way. So again doing this using online video appointments is no different to being in clinic as this is all done by our observation skills.

Don’t be isolated. Having pain alone is never fun. Bring a FAST END to your suffering. Speaking to a specialist physiotherapist early on to get an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan is vital to successful recovery and this is something we do every day. It’s easy to do as well, as we have been doing this for years. We will use our expert knowledge to prescribe you a bespoke plan of care where we can teach you how to release tight muscles and how to ease pain with specific exercises. You won’t find these on a YouTube Channel, we will also show you the right way to use a foam roller, how to self mobilise joints using things you will have in your own home and yes these treatment techniques do work. The self treatment techniques we will teach you can make a huge difference to reducing pain and getting your body moving well again and these are techniques we teach our clients who we see in clinic as part of their home recovery programme.

We can GUARANTEE that if you are age 35+ you will feel a BIG difference and your pain will drop once we combine all of our BEST treatment techniques for you. Imagine how good life will be once you feel less pain and can move so much easier. It would make a big difference to your life and happiness right?

Be Very Wary Of Taking GENERAL Advice… Especially from internet searching and definitely do not accept the “It’s Your AGE excuse. You Do Not Have To Accept It”…

So back to one of the questions at the top of this page.

What is the difference between in-person physio and online physio? Which one should you choose?

To be brief, a Physiotherapist whether you see them in clinic or online looks for a real solution to your problem. Our aim is to help you so much that you will not need to constantly keep coming back to us. A specialist physio will work you out a plan of how to end your pain and suffering and then we will give you a plan to work on stopping the injury happening again.

During our online physio sessions we will be with you every step of the way with the plan of care we prescribe for you. Our programmes are not a one size fits all. They are bespoke to you, your body and whatever it is you are struggling with. We will guide you online just the same as we would in clinic with your exercises, self treatment techniques, advice and posture correction.

Many people leave a physio session with their exercises and do them completely wrong at home and then wonder why physio didn’t work for them or the exercises made them worse. To stop this from happening by seeing you in person on video we can in fact spend more time with you than we can in clinic as we know people have busy lives and can’t find the time to come in 2,3,4 times a week. Using video sessions we can be with you daily if required so you know you we will be correcting you where necessary so you do your exercises, movements and posture correction correctly thus you will be getting the most out of your treatment plan and not doing more harm than good.

For some they book an online physiotherapy sessions for expert advice. Sometimes it’s a simple as do this and don’t do that.

We had one lady who reached out to us for help as she was struggling with a knee problem and she said in her message “I don’t know if I should keep my knee straight or bend it. All I know is it is just so painful. I’m sorry I’m not very clear on my symptoms I’ve had very little information on how to help myself.”

This is so sad to hear and we hear this every day. The good news is we can help someone like this lady very easily with online physiotherapy. By helping her to understand what is going on with her knee and advising her what to do and what not to do we know will start her on her way to living life with less knee pain.

We are here to help you manage your pain in the coming years to avoid the need for repetitive visits to see us.

What will happen if I don’t choose to go and see a specialist physio?

This is simple – Your current predicament will continue, and you’ll run the risk of doing unforeseen and untold damage to the joints if they’re not moving in the correct way, or muscles made stronger.

A failure to adhere to the right recovery programme post injury, pain condition or post surgery could increase the risk of early onset arthritis in your joints. 9 days is an important mile stone – if pain and or stiffness is there at this point, it isn’t going to go away on its own. For those of you reading this who have had orthopaedic surgery not doing your post-operative physiotherapy will mean your surgery will not be a total success.

Here’s who we can help with Online Physiotherapy


People stuck at home isolated with aches and pains. We can help if you are struggling with a bad back, sciatica, neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, knee pain to name a few.

People who have had recent orthopaedic surgery such as a total knee replacement, total hip replacement, shoulder decompression, back surgery. If you fit in to this group you will need ongoing physiotherapy advice and treatment and a bespoke rehabilitation programme to get the most our of your surgery.
People who are unable to get in to see us in clinic because of work or they live too far away. Yes we see people from all over the UK and other countries who want to access my specialist team.

People who take their health very seriously – Why? A lot of the people who visit us are very “pro-active” about their health. They read up on foods that are good for you, vitamins, health topics, try to eat right, take vitamins other supplements such as codliver oil – and do their best to stay out of the GP’s surgery and the hospital. The very same motivations to stay out of the GP surgery are the reasons “why” come to see physios like us.

People aged 35-65+ and love to be active – Why? Because men, women and couples “on-the-go”have lots of good reasons to get better fast.
People aged 55+ and determined to remain active and independent – Why? Because many people see the impact that physical ill health has had on their parents.
People still working (and want to remain that way…) Especially sales people, managers, civil servants, engineers, office workers, teachers, manual workers, nurses, health care workers, lawyers, even doctors…Why? Because they need to move easily and be able to sit comfortably for long periods in order to perform well in their jobs.
Active and involved Grandparents – Why? Grandparents who play games with their grandchildren, like to walk with them to and from school, take them to places or babysit them, often tell us to enjoy their grandchildren is why they felt the need to come and try physio.

If you have more questions like these about online physio then get in touch via our talk to a physio first button or email us us to see how we can help you.


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“My mum contacted Wendy via Facebook messenger after I hurt my right ankle in my garden. We were scared as I could not put my foot to the ground and it swelled up. We didn’t want to go to A&E due to COVID19 and we didn’t need too.

Wendy assessed my ankle and gave mum and I a plan on what to do and Wendy used my mum’s hands as hers for treatment. Wendy was clear in her instructions and my ankle improved daily with our online physiotherapy sessions and with mum and I following the program Wendy sent to us.

I would definitely recommend Online Physiotherapy it was as good as being in the treatment room at the clinic.”

Mattia, Westcliff-on-Sea

“I was struggling at Easter with my low back. I am a mum of two small children and needed some help. I saw Wendy on video on the WDC Facebook page and thought I need some help.

I called the clinic and spoke to Daniel who booked me an Online Physiotherapy Assessment with Beth. I am so glad I did as after a course of Online Physiotherapy Treatment with Beth I am now pain free and ready to join the WDC Pilates Classes.

If you think Online Physiotherapy can’t help you then don’t get yourself booked in today, you will not regret it.”

Sarah H, Southend-On-Sea

“I have been having treatment at WDC in clinic and Online for a chronic neck problem.

With COVID19 I have continued my treatment sessions online but I am used to this as having video consultations allows me to see my therapist and not drop off my treatment plan.

I work for the NHS and in my job have to travel a lot and work from home, meaning I am often working on a laptop in bad posture. Due to my work I cannot always get to clinic for hands on treatment so I find the Online sessions a perfect way to keep me and my body on track.”

James, Marks Tey