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Foot And Ankle Pain – Which Of The Common Costly Mistakes Will You Make When Trying To End Foot Or Ankle Pain Successfully?

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A special note from Wendy McCloud of WDC Physiotherapy & our Ankle/Foot Department

THIS FREE REPORT is for anyone who thinks that their foot & ankle pain is something they have to live with, or for those whose foot & ankle pain came on all of sudden or after an injury and want quick help and relief.

That sharp pain you feel in the back of your heel, the jabbing/shooting pain in the bottom of your foot that literally brings you to the floor, or that constant ache in the front of your shin that either keeps you from doing things or the pain you know you will suffer from IF you do anything more than stand and walk short distances DOES not have to be a way of life!

You have come to the right place to get some answers and we would like to offer you some help.

Foot and Ankle problems are often a much more serious concern than many people will care to admit. Let’s face it your foot is a small part of your body that isn’t that important. Right??? Wrong!!!! After all, it’s very difficult to enjoy life if you’re dreading placing your foot on the ground each time you get out of bed on a morning, or, you go for a simple walk and find your foot and or ankle doesn’t want to move like you need it to do.

And let’s not even talk about the early onset of Arthritis that can so easily happen with an ankle joint that is left uncared for and remains stiff and stuck for months and years! It could be that you’re already experiencing symptoms in other parts of your body such as your knee and or lower back since your ankle pain began? If it is, you’re not alone as this is common, but it certainly ISN’T healthy or normal and you must seek proper advice fast or soon you may find your back, knees and hips will soon be suffering.

If You Are Worried About What Is Causing Your Pain Or You Are Struggling To Be As Active As You Hope, Then We have A Solution That Is Likely to Work For You.

If You Feel Let Down By A GP Or Other Health Professional That All They Offered Was Rest, Harmful Painkillers Or A Sheet Of Exercises…Then We Are Here To Help

Unlike some other health professionals we WILL take the time to listen to you and we do want to hear all about what’s concerning you. We’ve been doing this for more than 19 years and if you’re suffering with ankle or foot pain… one of our goals is to offer you a solution that will let you avoid the need for harmful medication and we want you to be able to completely sidestep the GP and avoid the frustration choosing that option, so often causes.

Ankle pain is real and it is painful and although the lack of obvious signs such as swelling or bruising may be confusing you, please understand that this lack of deformity is normal and that this is often the reason that people suffer for much longer than they should.

So if you have tried this route and you are still struggling you will know that walking is not as enjoyable as it used to be as that foot/ankle just isn’t moving like it used to and now you can feel aches and pains in other parts of your body. Family members may have said “it’s only ankle pain”, “it will go with time”, well I can tell you now rest and time will not help and are possibly two of the worst pieces of advice you can listen to.

Before I tell you about how we can help you here is who we can help

Please know that we are not able to help everyone. We never claim to be able to do that and for obvious reasons I can’t give all our best advice away to just anyone. But, if you’re aged 40-65+ and can say “YES” to any of the following, then you are right to be looking for some sound advice and it’s very likely that we’re going to be able to help you in the way that you hope:


You’ve suffered with pain and or stiffness in your foot and ankle for longer than 9 days that shows no signs of going away on its own.


You’ve been told (or have a sneaky suspicion) that what you’ve got is Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, an Ankle Sprain or you’ve had a recent Fracture In your foot.


You’ve tried the GP but all that he or she has offered was rest or painkillers but secretly you know that neither is the best way forward, or the one you want to take.


You feel a sharp pain under the ball of your foot when you step out of bed on a morning, or at the back of your heel, that only begins to ease 20 minutes or so and after you’ve “got going”.


You damaged your ankle weeks or months ago from a fall or twist, and since it has become very stiff… meaning you’re in lots of pain or discomfort when you twist or turn, or walk over uneven ground.

You’ve no idea what’s happened or why and you’re just concerned, maybe even worried, that it isn’t going to go away any time soon, and you’d just really like to know EXACTLY what has happened, and how long it will likely take to heal, and what can be done to sort it.

If you can say “YES” to any of those, then we are going to be able to help you.

Specialist “Hands-on” Physiotherapy involves me and my team working on you in person, and by hand, using all of our BEST techniques to bring about a FAST end to the suffering and concerns you are currently experiencing. Deep Therapeutic Massage will help ease pain naturally, we’ll need to look at other joints such as your hips, knees and lower back and when we correct them all and add in the BEST exercises, you are going to see a POSITIVE difference made to your life, fast. If it happens in days, it will be of NO surprise to me.

And don’t worry – it’s really easy and it’s simple to do. We do this on a daily basis to HELP people like you and have been doing so for more than 20 years. And if you’re aged 40+, I can absolutely GUARANTEE that when we combine all of this, you ARE going to feel a BIG difference and your pain will DROP quickly and your enjoyment of life and everything in it, AND ability to exercise, will come back soon.

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, then start by making a simple and no hassle or obligation to proceed, enquiry about cost and soonest availability. Do that when you press the gold button here and then fill out the form which will appear:

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“Telephone Consultations work great”!

You’ll LOVE what they can do for you and you’ll soon see that WE CAN help you.

If you ARE serious about your health and you’ve decided you have had enough of being frustrated and restricted by daily ankle and or foot pain, and you’re even SOMEWHAT interested in what a Specialist “Hands-On” Physios like us can do for you, then a good place for us to start is by talking on the phone.

It works, because it will allow you and me to decide that we’re a good fit, and will leave you knowing with 100% certainty, that we are going to be able to help you like you get active and pain free like you hope.

And by the way, there’s no obligation to book an appointment after we’ve spoken. That’s your call.

This option is EASY and where most people start their journey back to health. If you want to join them, please go ahead and click the gold button here NOW and then just enter your details on the form that will appear (after that, Dan or Kim from my office will call you back very soon to set up a time for us to talk on the phone)…

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FREE REPORT!: “Read This Report To Learn How Ease Ankle/Foot Pain And To Get Back Active And Exercising In Days Without Having To Take Painkillers, Rely On An Ankle Support Or See The GP!”

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Alisha found her sessions incredibly helpful with Mel. In just over 3 weeks she went from not being able to walk on her ankle at all, to being able to take up her place with Camp America in New Hampshire for the summer.

She has been participating in all activities, including watersports and horse care/riding.

Claire Riebold (Parent), Southend

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