FREE Guide For Injured Athletes


FREE Guide For Injured Athletes (Runners, Tennis Players, Golfers….) Who Want To Know The Fastest Way Back To Fitness.

FREE Guide For Injured Athletes (Runners, Tennis Players, Golfers….) Who Want To Know The Fastest Way Back To Fitness. Report worth £58.

FREE REPORT!:“Are You A Runner, Golfer, Tennis Player? In This Guide You Will Discover Expert Advice On How To Get Back To Your Sport Fast Following An Injury That Has You Side Lined…What You Will Learn Is Secrets That Only Pro Athletes Know And Use To Get Fit Quick!”

Latest Injury Recovery Advice For Frustrated Sportsmen And Women Being Given Away FREE By Two Leading Sports Injury Specialist Physiotherapists.

“Here’s How ANY Injured Sports Person Can End The Frustration Of Being Side lined with an injury, AND Put A Stop To The ‘FEAR’ That So Often Comes With Running Or Playing Again, After Injury, And NOT Being 100% Sure If You’re Even Ready To Return To Do It Without Re-Injury!!”…

Keep Reading To Discover How To Get The Best Advice, Exercises And “Top Tips” From Two Top Pro-Sports Physios, That WILL End Your Frustration And Get You SAFELY Back In To Your Running, Golf or Tennis Shoes, In No Time At All….

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From The Treatment Couches Of Top Sports Physios, Wendy McCloud & Joe Dorne

Whether you are a die hard runner, keen tennis player or club golfer who is currently frustrated and struggling to recover from an injury then you are looking in the right place for help and this is likely to be the most important message you have read since being injured.

If you are becoming increasingly frustrated that your injury just isn’t going away with rest and or time then don’t worry as what you have is UNLIKELY to be anything more serious than any of the injuries we have seen before in our years of working with professional sports teams and elite athletes. Whatever the cause of your injury it is VERY likely that we have the solution to HELP you and it’s one that will be getting you back active and exercising within days from now.   

Doctors will often lead you to believe sports injuries are not serious as they are self inflicted…..but they are and that is where we differ as we take all sports injuries seriously. Having worked with top sportsmen and women we know it’s IMPORTANT to you to be back doing the sports and exercise you love and that watching from the side line is frustrating and gets you down. Being able to do your sport adds VALUE to your life and gives you a sense of pride and achievement and that is so important to how you feel about yourself and your health.

If You Are Frustrated By Your Lack Of Progress And Are Desperate To Know What’s Wrong, As Well As How How Soon It Can Be Put Right, Then We Have A Solution That Will HELP You…

Before we begin to show you how we can help you let us just distance ourselves from other physios out there. The treatment and advice you will get from us is nothing like what you will get on the NHS. Having worked with professional sports teams and elite athletes for years our approach is completely different to anything you will currently know or experienced from other physios.

There is no “let’s see how things go” mentality in professional sports as these athletes need to get the right treatment and quickly to get them back performing to their best. For professional athletes their sport is their livelihood – they want results and they want them fast. Not getting the right treatment quickly means they can be at risk of losing their place on the team for the rest of the season if another player comes in and performs well which can then put their contract for the next season in jeopardy.

So the GOOD NEWS for you is the strategies we have learnt form working in the physio rooms of professional sports means we can share them with you whether you are a weekend athlete or a club sportsman/woman.

We will be able to tell you exactly what your injury is, why it’s not healing with rest and time and how to fix it and get you back to your sport in the quickest time possible. We will be able to tell you when exactly what you can safely be doing to exercise and for how long, right up until that day you’re fully fit. And when we pass you FIT, you can be sure that you’re NOT going to break down again anytime soon.

Does that sound like something you’d be interested in or what you came looking for?

If Your Need Is Urgent Please Call This Special Number To Get Seen Quicker:

We get hundreds sportsmen and women come to see us every year and this includes runners, golfers, tennis players, power lifters to name a few. We are not surprised by this a these frustrated athletes injuries are not healing with rest alone. Any injury that isn’t diagnosed and treated properly will never heal well.

In all the years I’ve worked with semi-professional and professional sportsmen not once have I seen an injury that heals on it’s own with rest and time. Yes the pain will reduce with rest and you may find with time you become pain free at rest but pain free at rest is not the goal to you being pain free when doing your sport.

Injuries heal with scar tissue that’s a fact and every day that scar tissue is not encouraged to heal well it will cause problems in the future, re-injury being one such problem. Specialist physiotherapy will help your scar tissue heal well and be strong and flexible. We do this with hands-on treatment and a rehabilitation plan. In the plan we will teach you which rehab exercises to do and when is the best time to introduce them so that your recovery is in the quickest possible timescale and we will make sure you don’t break down again any time soon.

Here’s Who We Can Help… 

You’re a runner with pain on the outside of your knee.
You think you may have shin splints or an Achilles tendon problem but changing your footwear and or changing your training regime it’s just not going away and rest isn’t helping either.
You had a muscle pull weeks ago and you are fine on a day to day basis but when you try to run or return to your sport you keep breaking down.
Your back is stiff and or sore after exercise or the morning after a night sleep.
Your shoulder hurts when serving for tennis or your elbow hurts when your grip your racket.
You value the enjoyment you get from your health too highly to risk suffering any long term complications, and so you want to seek the best advice possible, straight away.
You don’t fancy the “painkillers and rest” option advised by the GP, nor do you like the generic exercises so often given out by the NHS physios.
If all of what I’ve just offered sounds like something you’d be interested in or what you came looking for, then we have three different options for you.

The first is to start by making a simple and no hassle or obligation to proceed after, enquiry about cost and soonest availability. Do that when you press the gold button here and then fill out the simple form which will appear:

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Or, If You’d Prefer, Because You’d Find It Easier, we’ll Find 10 Minutes In Our Day And We’ll Easily Be Able To Show You What To Do For The Best, Simply By Talking On The Phone?

“Telephone Consultations work great”!

You’ll love what they can do for you and you’ll see that WE CAN help you.

If you ARE serious about your sport and fitness and you’ve decided you’ve had enough of being frustrated by an injury and missing out on the sport you love, and you’re even SOMEWHAT interested in what a Specialist “Hands-On” Sports Physio like us can do for you, then a good place for us to start is by talking on the phone.

It works, because it will allow you and us to decide that we’re a good fit, and will leave you knowing with 100% certainty, that we are going to be able to help you.

There’s no obligation to book an appointment after we’ve spoken. That’s your call.

This option is EASY and where most people start their journey back to fitness. If you want to join them, please go ahead and click the gold button here NOW and then just enter your details on the form that will appear (after that, Dan or Kim from my office will call you back very soon to set up a time for us to talk on the phone)…

Option 2

Maybe you’re at the very beginning of your search to regain your fitness and just browsing, hoping to find some helpful advice that you can take away with you IMMEDIATELY? Or you’re looking for some Secret Recovery Tips… the kind that only get given out by the Experts and are used by the PRO Athletes, and ones that you can use in your own home to make a start on ending your own fitness worries, right now?

If that’s you, you’re in luck! Because, for a limited time only, I’m giving away FREE, my Published Special Report on all the BEST ways to get fit like the Pro Athletes do. And I’d like for you to have a copy before you leave this website.

And just following ANY of these top “tips” will make a difference to your fitness.

And best, this FREE Report lets you sample and get a feel for how a Specialist Private Sports Physios like us, can help YOU, whilst simultaneously making immediate progress at stopping frustration and worry and helping you to get fit QUICK.

If this option works best for you, go ahead and claim your FREE Report and finally start making the progress you’ve been searching for, instantly, in the comfort of your own home, right NOW!

It’s Titled…

“Get Back In The Game Fast! With 9 Top Strategies To Aid Recovery Of Sports Injuries That Only Pro Athletes Know About And Use”

For obvious reasons there’s a STRICT LIMIT to the number of free downloads of this Special Report that are available. Please claim yours TODAY so that you don’t miss out. If you press the button below and the next page doesn’t appear, you’ll know they’ve all gone. Maybe do it NOW just to be sure you get yours…

Join Hundreds Of Other Sportsmen/Women Who Got Back In The Game Fast Putting An End To Their Frustrating Sports Injury.

Option 3

FREE REPORT!:“Are You A Runner, Golfer, Tennis Player? In This Guide You Will Discover Expert Advice On How To Get Back To Your Sport Fast Following An Injury That Has You Side Lined…What You Will Learn Is Secrets That Only Pro Athletes Know And Use To Get Fit Quick!”

“Look Who Else Came For Specialist Physio at Wendy’s Clinic And Left Feeling More ACTIVE, HEALTHY And HAPPY…In Just A Few Short Weeks”!


I have been exceptionally pleased with the service I have received at WDC Physiotherapy.

I was off work and not improving until I started treatment with Alastair at WDC. My recovery since having treatment with Alastair has been excellent and much quicker than I anticipated.

Niale Ali, Westcliff-on-Sea


The knowledge of the body as well as the service and advice given by Joe is outstanding; the practice is friendly and welcoming. Highly recommended to all.

K Jacob, Southend-on-Sea

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