Have you ever been told you have slipped a disc? Myths and 5 top cures talked about discs… here!

  At WDC Physiotherapy we see a LOT of clients struggling with back pain and I mean a lot! At least 75% of our week, every week, is filled with people who have bad back. We see people with achy backs through to those in agony who literally drag themselves in to the clinic.   Continue reading

I Have A Bad Back And I’m Scared To Do Exercise

  So many of us suffer with back pain at some point in our lives. Knowing what it is and what to do for the best can be very confusing and scary for fear of making it worse.   We get asked a lot in clinic “What exercise can I do when my back is Continue reading

5 Great Things To Do In The South East If You Didn’t Have Back Pain

  The South East of England is home to many picturesque places and fun things to do. From historic castles, the longest pleasure pier in the world, home to our capital city and award-winning beaches. We really do have it all. But if you’ve got back pain – then it becomes tough (and almost impossible) to Continue reading

Back Pain: Sciatica What’s It All About And What To Do About It

So in the last few weeks my clinic has been flooded with people suffering from back pain. But not just a bit stiff or achy type back pain but the most severe of all in my opinion, “sciatica”. There’s only one word to describe the pain that people suffer at the hands of sciatica and Continue reading