Should I Have A Knee Replacement? …That Is The Million Dollar Question!

  As a Physiotherapist who has spent a lot of time in Orthopaedic hospitals and clinics, I have seen hundreds if not thousands of Knee Replacements. I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly and through all this experience one thing has become clear to me – if you want a successful outcome Continue reading

Stairs, Slopes And Going To The Cinema Really Hurt My Knee

  Just as I thought everyone’s knee’s were holding out gliding through the marathon training season at the start of the year with minimal knee issues walking through the door at the clinic, I’ve suddenly been hit by a spree of knee pain hassled people… I’m sure it’s contagious – stay safe! 😉 The summer Continue reading

Feeling At A Loss With Arthritis? To Exercise Or Not To Exercise? Surgery Or Not To Have Surgery?

  In clinic we have been hearing a lot of people confused and worried about whether they should exercise if they have arthritis. We have heard some clients mention that they rest and avoid exercise when they experience pain from arthritis. We have also worryingly heard that many clients regard arthritis as something they have no Continue reading