I’ve Only Pulled A Muscle Right? It Will Heal By Itself I Don’t Need To Get It Checked…..

  As I sit here writing this I am thinking back to the gymnastics of the 2018 Commonwealth games and it brought back memories to my competing gymnastics days. Now these athletes are highly skilled and top of their sport but as with any human being they are susceptible to injury.   Muscle injuries are Continue reading

Back Pain: Sciatica What’s It All About And What To Do About It

So in the last few weeks my clinic has been flooded with people suffering from back pain. But not just a bit stiff or achy type back pain but the most severe of all in my opinion, “sciatica”. There’s only one word to describe the pain that people suffer at the hands of sciatica and Continue reading

5 Movement Crimes You Have Committed (Possibly in the Last 10 Seconds)

5 Movement Crimes You Have Committed (Possibly in the Last 10 Seconds!)   Resting ‘Trying Hard Face’ Watch Usain Bolt sprint, watch Floyd Mayweather box. What do they have in common (other than being unbelievably awesome)?? They make it look easy! If you clench your jaw and screw up your face every time you exercise, Continue reading