Firm Guarantee

At WDC we love all our clients to be totally happy with the service we give them. We hate unhappy clients.


So Who Do We Help (And What We Do…)

We help men and women in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s keep PAIN FREE, ACTIVE and always “ON-THE-GO” so that they can ENJOY good HEALTH, for many years to come.

The types of people who come to see us include:

  • Health Conscious Ladies and Mums: Who want to LOOK and FEEL healthier, and be able to run around after the little ones all day, which as we all know is easier to do in the ABSENCE of pain and stiffness…  I know this all to well as I am a mummy of a toddler and have struggled lots with pelvic, back and knee pain and stiffness post giving birth to my daughter. It’s a miserable place to be so let us help you to enjoy each and every day…


  • Busy Men and Dads: Who know that living with pain isn’t good for them, and want more energy for work AND play…


  • Level Headed Men And Women: Who know that painkillers often advised by the GP are NOT the best answer, who feel let down by the health system and who WANT BETTER for themselves than just a few sheets of generic exercises (that the NHS Physio’s usually give…)


  • Active Grandparents: Who know that playing with grandchildren is much EASIER and more ENJOYABLE if they’re in LESS pain and FREE from STIFFNESS…


  • Worried Men and Women over 50: Who know that it’s much easier to keep away the “deadly” threats like Arthritis, Heart Disease, Stroke and Rheumatic Joint Pain…if they can stay ACTIVE, mobile and are able to exercise for as long as possible…


  • Amateur Athletes”: Who want to be FIT and READY for a kick about of football with their mates, the next round of golf and the 19th hole ;-), the run after work with training buddies, or a cycle ride with friends and family…


So what do we give you?

We promise you in person, “one-to-one” appointments with Specialist Physios who are available from 8am every Weekday (including Saturday), up until and around 8.30pm each weeknight.

Appointments are pre-booked and can be arranged by calling 01702 613542.


Our guarantee to you

100% Happy Guarantee or Your Money Back

“I think you’ll really like what physio can do for you and I’m very confident that we will be able to help you. But if your still not sure, why don’t you take advantage of our WDC GUARANTEE and decide for your self whether or not physio can help you – without any financial risk what so ever.

ANY treatment you receive at WDC Physiotherapy IS covered by a Full “Love it Or Leave It” Money Back Guarantee. That means we make you very HAPPY like you hope, or you DON’T Pay for any of it.

If we are unable to reduce your pain at all or can’t help solve your problem, or your not convinced that we have helped in the way that you had hoped for, then you can ask for your money back – and I will give it to you no questions asked.

Just to make this clear, so that there can be no confusion. Your decision to choose my physio clinic for your treatment comes with absolutely no risk. We are taking away the biggest obstacle to you having your problem helped – if by the end of your treatment you think we haven’t helped you in the way that you were hoping, or we didn’t make you happy like you had hoped, then you won’t have to pay for your treatment.

Here is my personal email for you to discuss our WDC Guarantee or should you wish to take advantage of it then please feel free to contact me.

It is very rare that I’ve ever had to do this, but I’ll personally refund your payment and I will also offer you my advice on what the next step is or who else you should see to have your problem solved – so you really have nothing to loose and all to gain.”

Best Wishes,

Wendy McCloud