Dynamic Movement Skills (DMS)

Dynamic Movement Skills (DMS) is the cutting edge training methodology for both children and adults that helps to refine and improve gross motor skills, co-ordination, agility and quickness in as little as six weeks.

It’s benefits include development of; movement, balance and coordination in children; and improvement in speed, agility, explosive power and turning ability in athletes.

Based on 20 years of research and coaching movement re-education, DMS has been used and tested extensively on thousands of individuals and has been integrated in to a number of professional football clubs, schools, sports and medical organisations across the UK and Europe.

Dynamic Movement Skills (DMS) is a training and rehabilitation methodology that stimulates the Central Nervous System (CNS) and Peripheral Nervous System (PNS) which in turn helps to refine and develop neuromuscular efficiency and motor patterns.

The fully developed session plans improve gross motor skills, balance, rhythm, coordination speed and agility. These skills ultimately help to increase movement competence of core skills needed for running, functional movement and speed in sport, whist increasing confidence in functional movement during movement re-patterning and neuromuscular rehabilitation after injury or surgery.

There are three training levels of DMS:



Our DMS Junior system is for kids (ages 5-10) helps to develop, improve and refine gross motor skills, and through this helps to develop coordination, quick feet, balance and body control, which are important components in all sporting activities.

Most kids learn their movement skills through play whether it be at school or at home. Not all children develop their motor skills at the same time so you may have two 10 year olds who are chronologically the same age but are a few years apart for the development of their motor skills. This is where DMS comes in to its own as it addresses these issues as well as preparing kids for competitive sport in the future.



Our DMS Youth System is for kids (ages 11-14) and is a progression of the Junior System and is used to develop speed, quickness, co-ordination, dynamic balance, core control and explosiveness.


Our DMS Pro System (ages 15+) is a progression on the Junior system and is used to develop speed, quickness, co-ordination, dynamic balance, core control and explosiveness and is used by elite football, handball, basketball and multidirectional sportsmen and women.

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