Running Technique Coaching

Many people have not been taught how to run and think that running is something that you pick-up naturally. Running is a skill and we can coach that skill in recreational and novice runners to help them run better, more efficiently and faster. We have helped people from all walks of life, who want to run for fun, keep fit, or participate in a race.

Running is simple, but its not easy! We help you to achieve your goals, by coaching you to move better and then run better. We develop training programmes for you and guide you every step of the way.


When you sign-up to The Running School Southend-on-Sea you get Six Training Sessions.

Our 6 session package begins with a Biomechanical Analysis in which we will take video clips of your running on a treadmill and then use our video analysis software to identify areas that can be improved within your running to reduce the risk of injury or improve your performance (or both).

At this session we will also carry out our unique Running School Movement Screen to look at any weaknesses that could be preventing you from getting the most out of your running and with you identify your goals. This movement screen will guide what strength exercises that we give you to work on to get the most out of your training.

From there the remaining sessions focus on improving the areas that we have identified in the analysis through our unique coaching methodology and reinforced by strength and flexibility exercises, as well as appropriate running programmes that you will be given in our extensive handbook.

Finally on completion of the sessions we will review your goals and you will receive a video of your running outlining the improvements in your technique which you canuse to keep you on track!

Here is a before and after video one of our female club runners who came to us due to a long term running injury. She had just 7 sessions with us at The Running School Southend-on-Sea:

Here is what one of our female running client had to say about us:

Hi Alastair

Thought you might be interested in how my running is going. I’m able to run for over 40 mins now. This morning I went out with Southend Flyers running group – this was my first time. I was complimented on my smooth running style by the leader! So hopefully I’m still doing it right. I was also one of the fastest over 7 km!!

Thanks for your help I’ll be back for a revision soon

Jan Grover – Southend Flyers