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If you can’t Run then Walk!

Walking , is the next best thing to running.

Walking benefits are hugely underrated as a form of exercise and ideal for getting fit and staying fit if you can’t run or don’t want to run.

Most of us have forgotten how to walk correctly to get the best benefit out of it. We don’t know how to use our arms, trunk and bottome when we walk and we think that a 10-15 minute walk every week or so means we are getting enough exercise.

Because of our hectic lifestyle, particularly those of us who work in big cities, we don’t use our legs to get us from A to B; we use cars, buses and trains.

In today’s society we do not use our arms correctly. How many of you walk along the street using your mobile phone or holding on to a bag? Not using the arms has an impact on how we move and will start to cause pain and injury in various parts of our body. The human body is made to move not be fixed in one position.

Our body then gets deconditioned and develops bad movement patterns so we have to re-learn the basic movements we take for granted because we have picked up bad habits.

Did you know that a big percentage of back pain sufferers can actually alleviate and cure their lower back symptoms through regular walking?

“Walking is man’s best medicine” Hippocrates 2600 years ago!

This is more true today than it has ever been, because as humans we spend more time sitting down than ever before.

At The Running School we have developed a programme that incorporates walking technique, walking for fitness and walking and movement repatterning following injury or surgery.

This programme is suitable for:

Seniors looking to get fit, stay fit and improve their balance
People recovering from illness, injury or surgery
People who do not enjoy running but want to stay fit

Call us today at The Running School Southend-on-Sea Walking School 01702 613542 for more information or to book a session. You can also book online via our blue Book Online Now! button or you can book via the main Running School website